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This next piece isn't part of La Musique du Temps, but a creation for 2019 from Les Cabinotiers. While it's not an chiming timepiece, it will still strike a chord with those who appreciate Vacheron's case design excellence and metiers de'art.

Here is a Genevan watchmaking specialty from the 1950s: Cloisonne enameling. Selmoni says that the La Caravelle 50 pays homage to this art. Rolex Submariner Replica Watches explained that Anita Porchet,Replica Watches the grande dame in enameling was directly involved in the creation of the La Caravelle.

A Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Caravel ref. A Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Caravel ref.

The watch was designed to be a direct homage to the Caravel timepiece from 1950 by Vacheron-Constantine. The maison's own collection contains an example of the 4308 which depicts a caravel sailing through open water. The 2019 piece differs in that the enameling is "vanishing", achieved by a translucent Grand Feu treatment. The 2019 version also does not include the central seconds hand.

The small star next to the 10 o’clock mark on the dial is meant to represent Polaris, the North Star,Rolex Replica Watches on which sailors used to rely to navigate oceans. Rolex Submariner Replica Watches revealed that the star was actually a paillon, a type of spangle, which Anita Porchet, from her own collection, had lent the dial. In the past, artisans produced these delicate items in a variety of shapes. Neither the artform, nor the artisans who know the craft, are available today.


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Hand wound caliber; minutes and hours; minute repeater; 65-hour reserve

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18K 5N rose gold; 41mm and a 39mm with 102 diamonds of a total weight 1.90 carats set on the bezels, lugs, and crown