Valandovo is known for its music festival FOLK FEST. The festival is held in May every year. FOLK FEST is held continuously in the rich and long musical tradition in the region. It has been maintained since 1985 and has existed for many years as a new tradition in the country. FOLK FEST Valandovo has released a number of hits and many famous singers from the Macedonian stage.

In 1989, a hall with 1,200 seats was built, and in which the event has been successfully held ever since. Every year it is broadcast on Macedonian television and the festival is watched not only by the domestic audience, but also in the diaspora.


The festival of spring festivities HID-BAH SHEN FEST, is an event that has existed since 1992 and is held continuously every year in the village Chalakli, Valandovo, in early May. The festival itself is both a celebration of the spring holidays, as part of the tradition of the Turkish population, but also a promotion of Turkish culture and tradition, presented in many forms. HYDRELEZ is a holiday that marks the beginning of a new cycle in nature, its renewal, and therefore it is an apotheosis (rite of ascension), which is the origin of the motto of the festival.

The festival lasts four (4) days and consists of the following contents: folklore, exhibitions of handicrafts and photographs, concerts, theater performances, traditional Pelivan wrestling and football tournament.