The municipality of Valandovo is located in the southeastern part of R. North Macedonia. It is located south of the Demir Kapija gorge, east of the river Vardar and west and north of the mountain branches of Plavush and Belasica.

Territorially, it borders the municipality of Konche to the north, the municipality of Strumica to the east, the municipalities of Dojran and Bogdanci to the southeast and Gevgelija to the west. It borders on the east with R. Greece.

Valandovo is a crossroads of many important roads leading to Skopje, Gevgelija, Dojran and Strumica. The highway Gevgelija - Skopje passes through the municipality of Valandovo.

There are three border crossings in the vicinity of the municipality of Valandovo. The border crossing to R. Greece, Dojran is 26 km away, Bogorodica 30 km, and the border crossing Novo Selo towards R. Bulgaria is 48 km away.

The municipality of Valandovo is a relatively large municipality with 331 km. According to the rate of altitude with an average of 226 meters, it belongs to the lowest municipalities in the R. North Macedonia. The average height of the Valandovo field is 82 meters.

According to the terrain configuration, the area of ​​the municipality can be divided into two parts: hilly-mountainous and flat.

The hilly-mountainous part covers about 20.8 km or 63% of the total area of ​​the Municipality, as follows: the whole northern side of the city surrounded by the mountain Plavush, from the east with Belasica and from the south with Pogana.

The plain part covers an area of 12.3 km² or 37% of the area of the Municipality and extends from the foot of Belasica, i.e. from the source of river Anska, along its entire course, until the inflow into the river Vardar.







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