This religious sanctuary is located in a picturesque area of ​​the mountain Plavush, northwest of Valandovo, in the silence and tranquility of nature, whose beauty is most admired by the eye of the curious.

In the Middle Ages in this area there was a very beautiful church, dedicated to St. George, from which radiated the beauty of the Valandovo region. It was built by the Serbian Tsar Stefan Dusan in 1349, and was built by non-builders with a developed sense of aesthetics. In 1349, the church together with his property, Tsar Dusan donated it to the Athos Monastery on the island of Athos. The church charter emphasized that the medieval church of St. George has its properties in the areas of Valandovo, Pirava and Rabrovo.

According to an old legend, when Marko Krale was returning from Prilep from a walk in the mountain Belasica, where he measured his strength by throwing large stones in Dojran Lake, one of which crashed in the locality Dikili Tas northwest of Dojran after crossing the Anska River, he stopped the horse Sharec above Valandovo, in the locality The Monastery. He entered the church of St. George and prayed to the Lord. After a short break, he continued his way to Prilep.

After the arrival of the Turks in Valandovo, the church of St. George grew into a monastery. The monastery church and the lodgings around it were surrounded by high and thick walls, enclosed by a heavy iron door.

The building of the church is made of stone, and at the base it is lowered by one step below the level of the concrete porch, which is slightly higher than the ground level. This one-nave church with a low vault, which is located in the east-west direction, is located on the bank of a downhill. Some of the icons were made after the earthquake that was in 1931 and destroyed the church, but there are some that were made in recent times. The altar partition that makes up the small iconostasis has the thickness of the frames of the icons. In the middle of the south wall is the so-called bishop's chair, and to the left of it are the icons.

The monastery area today is beautifully arranged and turned into a picnic area, a place for enjoyment and rest. Otherwise, the ambient shaping of the space around the monastery will contribute to this sanctuary to serve, not only for the development of an intense religious life, but also for rest and recreation.







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